Beach Shack

Cubby Size

  • Gable 1.84m x Side 1.94m
  • No Verandah
  • Wall height is 1.5m
  • Height to tip of gable is 2.0m
  • Door and 2 windows in the front and 1 window in the side

Roof Colours


One option only - 0.45m kit including the step

Inground elevation can be concreted into the ground - great for an unlevel surface

Above Ground elevation can sit directly on the ground to keep the cubby above the surface


Install yourself?

Pre-made base, walls and roof panels. Screw together the pieces using a cordless drill

Videos and Installation instructions available

Delivery only available or pickup from our Display Centre

Have it installed for you?

Sheds and Beyond can quote you for delivery and installation


Add any of the accessories to complete the dream cubby - Staining, Flower Box, Letter Box, Skylight, Barn Doors, DHandle, Hand Grip,

Periscope, Telescope, Servery, Balustrades, Extra Windows or Cubby Light