Corrugated Gable Roof

Details - Corrugated Gable Roof

The Corrugated Sheets of Heavy Duty Steel 0.47mm Gauge is available in all 24 of the Colorbond colours.

Supplied with Steelchiefs unique BaseSmart frame and are supplied in Pre-Assembled Panels with a Roof Truss to sheds over 3.86m. 

There are a large range of standard sizes to choose from.  If you require a specific size we can make it to your exact measurements.

All sheds come in pre-assembled wall and roof panels for easy installation. A Single Door comes standard in the front of the shed with a lock.

You can be creative and mix and match your colours for walls, door, roof and windows.  Add in your options.

Pickup from Pakenham or Delivery and Installation services are available.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Phone, Email or Visit us for a quote.


Shed Front   - Standard Lengths : 1.58m, 2.34m, 3.10m, 3.86m, 4.62m, 5.38m, 6.14m, 6.90m, 7.66m

Shed Sides   - Standard Sides : 1.58m, 2.34m, 3.10m, 3.86m

Wall Heights - Standard Wall Heights : 1.80mm, 1950mm, 2100mm


Add your extras : Skylights

                        : Louvre or Sliding Window

                        : T/Handle

                        : Double Doors, Sliding Doors, Garage Doors or Wide Doors

                        : Roller Door Widths available 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m

                        : Shelves, Shovel/Broom Holder or Bike Bar and Hooks 

                        : Concrete Slab or Timber Floor




Steelchief guarantees all workmanship of their product.  Steelchief suppliers of pre-painted coloured and zinc sheeting have warranted that their products are resistant to flaking, peeling and excessive fade or perforation for 15 years under certain conditions.